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Big Data: New ally of pharmaceutical industry?

Since the 1990s, the emergence of “the internet of individuals” has led our society towards a 4th industrial revolution, which continues since 2000 with “the Internet of Things“. The appearance of mobile media, the...


Foodvisor : image recognition-AI to prevent nutritional disorders

Foodvisor is a french start-up which uses artificial intelligence (AI)  and image recognition to serve a daily-life problem : eating disorders. It proves that the use of those technologies isn’t reserved only for research, or...

La reconnaissance faciale : un outil pour détecter les maladies génétiques rares

La reconnaissance faciale est une technologie considérée très efficace en tant que garant de la sécurité, tout en étant critiquée pour les atteintes qu’elle est susceptible de porter à la vie privée et aux...


The visioconsultation : « Hello doctor, are you online ? »

  Today 27% students or 41% public officials waive to consult a doctor because of financial problems, geographical remoteness or lack of time. The French government recently announced: to strive medical deserts and improve...

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