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What’s a Zombie computer and how does it work?

As scary as it sounds, your computer can be zombified and obey under the commands of a total stranger, without even you realizing it. Before assuming it cannot happen to you, bear in mind that millions...

Tesco Homeplus Subway Virtual Store in South Korea 0

Retail Store 4.0 – How Digital is quickly changing Physical Retailing

The era of omnichannel marketing is now launched for many physical merchants—and even pure players, as Amazon has opened physical stores. Digital opens new horizons for brands, restaurants and even SMEs to create innovative...


Le Cloud Computing et l’exception de copie privée (Partie 2)

PARTIE 2. L’EXCEPTION DE COPIE PRIVEE Retrouvez la partie 1 ici: I. L’exception de copie privée prévue par l’article L.122-5,2° du CPI Au sens strict, il s’agit d’une exception au droit de reproduction, principe...