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Smart restaurant will change your life.

Recently, an intelligent noodle vending machine appears in Shanghai, China. Although this smart machine is still in the testing phase, a widespread concern has already focused on it. Compared with the common beverage vending...


Qwant, “le moteur de recherche qui respecte votre vie privée” : une solution pour la protection de nos données personnelles ?

À l’heure où l’on se soucie de plus en plus de la protection de nos données personnelles, le moteur de recherche Qwant pourrait être la solution. D’ailleurs, le règlement européen qui rentrera en application...

Tesco Homeplus Subway Virtual Store in South Korea 0

Retail Store 4.0 – How Digital is quickly changing Physical Retailing

The era of omnichannel marketing is now launched for many physical merchants—and even pure players, as Amazon has opened physical stores. Digital opens new horizons for brands, restaurants and even SMEs to create innovative...