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Les mouchards papier

L’interopérabilité d’un système s’entend de sa capacité à communiquer avec un système distinct sans altération des flux de données échangés. Le chiffrement de protocoles de rencontre, de reconnaissance et d’accord va classiquement régir ce...


Personal data legal framework: comparative law between France and USA

Most people know this: our personal data is at the core of the web business model. In this way, protecting our personal data is an important challenge. However, the most of the actors in...

Uber attack, the sound of silence 0

Uber attack, the sound of silence”>Designed by Freepik We learned the 21st November that Uber has been hacked and more than 57 million users were stolen all around the world. The most surprising is the date of the attack...


GDPR : Strengthening the right to be forgotten

  Today, personal data is already protected. Indeed, there is a dereferencing right in Europe. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) provides another right to be forgotten, which is the right to erasure. This Regulation will...


New leak of American voters’ data: the case of Chicago.

Protecting the privacy and data of US citizens seems to be a true assault course. Remember, on last June 12, a leak of nearly 25 terabytes of “sensitive” data was revealed by security researcher...


Preparing for the GDPR: Start By Understanding The Data That You Hold

  The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is a new EU regulation created to strengthen data protection for individuals within the European Union, including data used outside the EU. It will affect not only...

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