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Nimb is a smart ring with a panic button that helps you feel safe by secretly notifying preset contacts when you are in trouble

The Nimb Ring, which includes a panic button, is a perfect solution for those who have ever been in an unsafe situation and understand that creeping sensation of dread or worry that no one...

Tesco Homeplus Subway Virtual Store in South Korea 0

Retail Store 4.0 – How Digital is quickly changing Physical Retailing

The era of omnichannel marketing is now launched for many physical merchants—and even pure players, as Amazon has opened physical stores. Digital opens new horizons for brands, restaurants and even SMEs to create innovative...


Les patchs connectés qui prennent soin de Vous!

Aujourd’hui, de nombreuses entreprises se lancent sur le marché de l’internet des objets. Selon une étude menée par Tractica, 61,5 millions de patchs connectés seront vendus sur le marché d’ici 2020. Parmi ces patchs,...