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Japanese innovations in the spotlights at CeBIT 2017

From 20th to 24th March 2017, the CeBIT in the German city of Hannover welcomed 200,000 people and 3,000 companies from 70 different countries to present the digital transformation in its entirety, showcasing real...


Facebook Drones vs Google Drones to connect the world

Google Drones : With the idea of ​​offering internet access to areas with no or poorly served and no connectivity, and creating new growth drivers, the Mountain View firm acquired Skybox (a manufacturer of microsatellites)...


Le business des enveloppes rouges sur Wechat

Le nouvel an chinois a eu lieu le mois dernier et traditionnellement, les chinois donnent aux enfants des Hongbao (des “enveloppes rouges”) contenant de l’argent, ce qui porte bonheur. Mais en raison de l’utilisation...