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La Blockchain peut-elle ré-encadrer les règles du marché boursier ?

L’arrivé imprévisible de la technologie de Blockchain qui permet la conservation et l’enregistrement des transactions numériques via une base de donnée mondialement accessible, bouleverse aujourd’hui toutes les conceptions classiques de traitement des donnés sectorielles...


Smart restaurant will change your life.

Recently, an intelligent noodle vending machine appears in Shanghai, China. Although this smart machine is still in the testing phase, a widespread concern has already focused on it. Compared with the common beverage vending...


Tez, the ultrasonic mobile payment solution by Google in India

  In September, Google entered into the Indian payment space by releasing it’s new application called « Tez », which means « fast » in Indian. Google decided to attack the Asian payment market, where mobiles aren’t as...

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