Catégorie : Arts numériques


The E-Skin : a new tech with multiple possibility !

A team of Japanese researchers from the University of Tokyo led by professors Takao Someya and Tomoyuki Yokota created expandable, ultra-thin and breathable electronic skin that can measure and display information using micro-LEDs.  ...


Smart Building : the revolution of the 3D printer !

The 3D printer was created between 1983 and 1986 by Charles Hull and the first three-dimensional printer was officially marketed in 1986. Its democratization is due to its wide affordability, making it nowadays revolutionary because...


La tablette qui permet de “voir” par le toucher.

Et si les malvoyants avaient la possibilité de « voir » une image ? C’est le projet développé par l’association American Printing House for the Blind qui a permis aux malvoyants américains de “voir” une éclipse....