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Australian E-commerce MySale has completed ten million yuan acquisition and then started the personalised service

Australian E-commerce company MySale stated that it will purchase a substantial part of Identity Direct Company’s trade business and property. Under the terms of agreement, MySale will also pay an additional 2.69 million Australian dollars(RMB 13.97million)...


A substantial European Commission’s fine looming over Google

Android’s dominant position on the market helped Google to abuse and to promote their own services and apps, while imposing severe conditions over mobile network operators and manufacturers and thus, brushing aside competitors’ solutions....


Quand réalité et viralité ne font qu’un : street marketing et réseaux sociaux

Le street marketing, en français « marketing de rue », est une campagne de communication qui se passe, comme son nom l’indique, dans la rue (y a une certaine logique). Cette pratique née au début des...