Animated characters and market economy

With the rise of the global new economic business model, the culture represented by animation, comics, games, and online novels has gradually been accepted by more and more people. The cultural economy derived from animation culture is also booming and has become a new fulcrum of the cultural industry.

More and more young people are getting used to consuming cartoons and animations, and we can also see many advertisements displayed by animated images in our daily lives.

Animation economy is a form of cultural consumption, with strong creative and communication attributes, and can bring good economic effects.

Combine animated characters with the city to stimulate urban economic development.

The use of animated characters to create urban mascots and promote the development of urban IP economy is also a direction for the development of intelligent cities.

Take Kumamoto Prefecture in Japan as an example. In 2011, the Shinkansen in Kyushu, Japan officially opened, which means that a large number of tourists can come to Kyushu for sightseeing more conveniently.

The Kumamoto prefectural government saw this opportunity and created the Kumamoto bear as the local mascot, focusing on the development of tourism, thereby driving the economic growth of the entire city. Animated characters can make history glow and bring new vitality to history.

Tourism IP is simply a tourism resource. When an animated character becomes a tourist mascot, it can be a way of propaganda for tourism. When people hear the name of this character, they will think of the park/city. At the same time, the unique charm of animated characters will attract more people and become a characteristic tourism product. For example, the mascot of the park: Disneyland and Mickey… In the park, animated characters can also interact with tourists.

Of course, a good animation culture economy needs high-tech support. The mascots of the bilibili video website, 22 and 33, will change their outfits due to the event. Recently, they have changed the activity clothes for summer events and birthday clothes for anniversary celebrations. With the support of high technology, animated characters can even move in reality through electronic devices.

Good animated character design can drive economic development and attract young people to consume. Animation characters should bring more value to young people.

For example, character creation has an anti-hero trend, and the narrative time and space and perspective are more imaginative and complex; the communication methods are more diverse and interactive, and spread through various social media.

For animation character creators, they pay more attention to core values. Whether a work can trigger the audience’s search and imagination for a value is a question that every creator needs to think about.

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