£4.3M for 5G-based health and social care innovation in Liverpool

A wonderful news in the application of private 5G networks in enabling public services has been carried out by UK government, an extra £4.3M will be invested in supporting vital health and social care innovation in Liverpool, which is a part of a £7.2M project run of the UK government’s 5G Create project, the project will operate until March 2022, which will be disseminated to public bodies, leading to a greater use of private networks for public services with reduced risk, based on the DCMS Testbed and Trials programme.

DCMS Testbed and Trials programme

It is the government’s nationwide coordinated investment programme in 5G. The programme is designed to leverage areas where the UK has a competitive strength, such as scientific research, engineering talent and the wide diversity of technology businesses.

By March 2020 UK had invested £200 million in 6 DCMS’s initial portfolio of Use Case Trials:

  • 5G RuralFirst :

Similar with 5GRIT, the project is designed to trial new methods and approaches, business models in the rural area in order to help their future development and facilitate global deployment of 5G technology in the UK, 5G RuralFist focus plus on infrastructure however 5GRIT is more on application.

  • 5G Rural integrated Testbed (5GRIT) :

5GRIT has been experimenting with 5G technology in a range of rural applications, such as smart agriculture, tourism and underserved communities, using shared spectrum in TV bands and a mix of local and self-provisioning Internet Service Providers. With the objective of connecting the rural communities together.

  • Worcestershire 5G Consortium :

Innovating with the power of robotics, big data analytics and augmented reality with 5G, in order to increase productivity.

  • Smart Tourism

It focuses on enhancing tourists’ experiences with the help of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR), also other technologies like 3D motion tracking and 4K 360° content streaming.

  • AutoAir

The project is already finished early this year, and it has made 5G technologies accessible for the approval and further development of connected and autonomous vehicles at the vehicle test site in Millbrook. It is also studying how these 5G connectivity solutions could be transferable to road and rail transport.

  • Liverpool 5G testbed: Sensor City is the leader of a consortium consisting of researchers from the University of Liverpool, NHS and social welfare agencies, local technology SMEs and the UK technology company 5G, Blu Wireless. The project has successfully delivered high-value technologies, including low-cost open source 5G networks, artificial intelligence, virtual reality and IoT, to vulnerable communities in the Liverpool area.

Aims of the project

Can 5G connectivity be cost-effective and efficient enough in the provision of healthcare and social services to make it affordable to give free access to those who cannot afford either telephone or broadband access?

To address the question, many technique solutions will be needed, this project will focus on following points:

  • Providing affordable connectivity with the necessary level of service
  • Creating capacity within social care services
  • Improving efficiency in health and care services
  • Improving people’s quality of life and reducing social isolation

How will the goals be achieved?

According to the University of Liverpool, 5G technology will be used to remotely monitor a medical-grade device to treat and track health conditions. Moreover, part of Liverpool’s 5G Create project will be an application which will teach anxiety reduction techniques, a remote triage service for GPs, wound care and treatment and sensor technology.  The project will run until 2022.


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