Optimization of the employee experience in the digital age by HR

The digitization of business is a revolution that is changing not only the way we work, but also the mindset of how we do it. All departments must be pointed in the same direction to achieve this change including Human Resources.
Thus, while many companies focus on the customer experience to optimize their journey and their relationship to the brand for the purpose of satisfaction and loyalty, other companies associate the customer experience with the employee experience to reach a better impact.

Indeed, according to research by Accenture and Forrester, companies that have a good customer and employee experience increase their profitability by 21% compared to 11% if the improvement is made solely on the customer experience.

As a result, the employee experience corresponds to the journey of an employee throughout their development within a company. And just as customers expect better products from their brands, so do employees.
They have to interact, communicate and work differently. They expect their companies to provide them with digital tools and services to support them in their work.

While one of the big challenges for companies today is to attract talent, the most important thing is to retain them. Now HR as a support function is a thing of the past. They must be creators of value for the company and its employees.

Investing in HR technology solutions such as artificial intelligence (AI) based recruiting solutions, AI enabled talent management systems and machine learning (ML) will directly empower employees while freeing managers. HR to devote time to more valuable tasks.

As for chatbots, they can answer employee questions about HR policies and get details about their benefits, performance and compensation. They are most often deployed on career sites to answer questions from candidates.
More and more, employers are deploying them to handle repetitive employee questions. These are most commonly part of 24/7 employee self-service dashboards, allowing workers to review work schedules, vacations and PTO, benefits and get answers to the question. most routine questions.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) automate repetitive tasks and processes otherwise performed by employees. When automated, these important but time-consuming tasks free up HR staff to do more qualitative and meaningful work.
The third way HR can improve the Employee Experience is to continue to make the workplace smarter, simpler, safer and healthier.

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