Cloud gaming, a growing market

In recent years, the cloud gaming market, which has recently established itself in the video game market, has been progressing and intends to compete with gaming consoles in the near future.

The concept of cloud gaming, what is it?

Cloud gaming or “Game on Demand (GoD)” refers to a technology allowing streaming video games to be played via the Internet and on any screen (TV, smartphone, tablet, etc.).

This concept revolutionizes the way of playing. You no longer need to own a game console, all you need is an internet connection. It is generally offered as a monthly subscription allowing the user to access and play a catalog of video games without limits.

The expanding cloud gaming market

The Cloud Gaming market is entering the video game market. In 2018, a study by the expert firm “IHS Market” revealed that the global Cloud Gaming market reached $ 387 million in revenue. This figure represents a small fraction of the global video game market ($ 138 billion in 2018). However, by counting on the proliferation of Cloud gaming offers as well as the generalization of uses among consumers, Cloud gaming is becoming of interest. The study predicts that the market may reach 2.5 billion by 2023.

Cloud Gaming is one of the technologies with the greatest growth potential today. Several companies, including the main players in the video game sector (Sony, Nvidia, EA), as well as GAFAM (Google, Microsoft), have already launched their own cloud gaming service.

Reasons for success

The concept is attractive because of its many advantages. For the user, the subscription-based business model makes access to video games affordable. A monthly subscription costs on average 10 to 15 euros monthly. In addition, Cloud gaming allows users to free themselves from “hardware” (no limit on storage space, computing power of decentralized servers) and “software” (game installation, update) constraints of game consoles.

For service providers, Cloud gaming represents an opportunity to reach a wider audience, as well as generate new financial gains.

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