Employment and economic perspectives of the covid 19 pandemic crisis

The pandemic crisis effects have led to an interrogation regarding all the aspects of the economic scenario. In that sense, the employment topic is on the heart of the matter.  In what extend the crisis would impact workers live?



According to a report published at the beginning of the crisis by the international labour organization (ILO) the pandemic consequences will affect over 25 million jobs around the globe. This can be related to the recent publications made by the same organization according to which the lockdown measures taken by the governments are affecting 2,7 billion people in the world.


As it happens in all crisis, the emergence of a redress belongs to the political branch. On closer examination it turns out that there was no issue for a common answer regarding the first wave of the pandemic. Therefore, it’s hard to believe that the international community will succeed on the establishment of common solutions regarding unemployment.


However, some actors had learned how to take and advantage powered by the effects of the digital economy increasing. In this respect, regarding the private sector, companies such as Google, PayPal, Spotify that had announced since the begging of the crisis the prolongation of the home office until 2021 are now launching programs in order to fight back the impact of home office repercussions.


For Example PayPal’s employees and their families have the access to a program of home education software called Bright horizons world at home. The program features enable different activities such as video reproduction, language learning, coking and others.


In addition, PayPal workers can also benefit of a program known as PayPal’s perks at work developed in coordination whit the Community online academy. This program is focused on the stress elimination offering in that way all type of courses including, yoga, meditation, dance and singing.


Moreover PayPal has recently developed a program allowing his workers and their  families to  schedule  medical appointments. This measure has been developed by PayPal in order to provide medical facilities to the relatives, specially the kids with developmental disabilities.


On the other side, Google is preserving the work lifestyle through the statement of a corporate policy allowing their workers to share a budget during the meetings. Indeed, Google workers can order food, send gifts such as snack boxes with their colleges during work hours at the company expense.



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