Data driven marketing

Nowadays, we live in a society where the data that businesses process for their customers is growing exponentially every year. This data usually comes from websites, blogs and social networks, but also from online and offline sales, etc. This is when Data Driven Marketing comes for help.

What is data driven marketing ?

Data driven marketing describes the collection, analysis and use of data generated throughout the customer journey using various systems and applications in marketing to make better decisions overall and to lead targeted and personalized campaigns as automatically as possible.

What are the goals of data driven marketing ?

While there are many reasons for using data driven marketing in various industries, in most cases the intended goal is to provide and improve a personalized customer experience in order to benefit from it. Indeed, it allows companies to understand customer behavior on their website, like what they do, if they stay longer, what interests them and what they don’t like, etc. Those who react quickly not only build loyalty and customer relationships, but also increase sales.

What are the benefits of data driven marketing ?

The consumer experience can be improved by businesses through data driven marketing, including :

  • Personalized marketing : getting the right message to the right target audience at the right time is very important for businesses. Data-driven marketing can help them create personalized advertising campaigns to better understand potential customers and then inspire them to convert.
  • Obtain relevant data : marketing staff can filter a large amount of data in the existing database to get the most accurate and achievable information about existing customers and potential customers. Data driven marketing can easily aggregate and compare the target audience you want to reach and define a clear marketing policy.
  • Perfect customer experience : many companies use data-driven marketing to improve the customer experience, for example through customer satisfaction surveys to identify areas for improvement.
  • Multichannel experience : marketers can ensure that messages are sent through the right channel through data driven marketing automation: blogs, websites, emails, social networks, etc.
  • Better product development : businesses can understand better and anticipate needs through data driven marketing strategies and develop products more suited to their specific markets.

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