Ecological search engines, a reality ?

The question many people ask themselves is, does the ecological search engine actually plant trees?

The Ecosia search engine was founded in Germany by Christian Kroll After trying to launch a solidarity search engine, he imagines a “which uses its profits to plant trees”, according to the Ecosia site. Ecosia’s revenue, like most search engines, is based on advertising. Each click on one of these advertisements earns Ecosia a few cents, part of which goes towards planting trees.

How much research on Ecosia to plant a tree?

In reality, it does not depend on the number of requests, but on the clicks made on the advertisements, which do not all bring in the same amount. “Taking into account that not all Ecosia users necessarily click on an ad every time they search online, we generate an average of 0.5 euro cents per request,” says Ecosia, which specifies that forty-five requests are necessary on average to finance the planting of a tree.

What is the environmental impact of Ecosia?

A search engine pollutes because of the large data centers that allow it to operate. In the case of Ecosia, it’s Microsoft’s. The US company’s data centers are now 60% powered by renewable energy, she says – compared to 100% for competitor Google. For Ecosia, the environmental impact is much less, since it is a small structure. She still decided to invest in photovoltaic power plants in Germany, and said “to produce twice as much solar energy as needed to power all Ecosia research”. In addition, Ecosia is certified “B Corporation”, a status which can be claimed by companies that meet, after verification, certain ethical and environmental standards.

How does Ecosia plant trees?

Ecosia donates money to tree planting programs in sixteen countries, run by local organizations. The company has chosen to focus on “critical biodiversity areas”, threatened areas that are home to a large number of plant species. The company claims more than 80 million trees planted since its inception

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