Dash Cart : Amazon’s Smart Cart skips the checkout line

Amazon continues to reinvent the way we shop. This time, the e-commerce giant is taking on the traditional shopping cart, presenting an improved and smart version of it. Called “Dash Cart”, this shopping cart has the particularity of scanning your courses itself and thus allows you to pay for your purchases, without having to go through the cash register. 

Come in, shop, go.

The Dash Cart, a smart and connected cart

The giant e-commerce website of Amazon announced, on Tuesday July 14, the arrival of the Dash Cart, a connected and intelligent cart. The goal is simple : to enable supermarket customers to shop even faster, by passing the checkout stage.

To use it, the customer must first display a QR Code on their smartphone with the Amazon app. This code will then be scanned by a reader placed on the Dash Cart : this will allow the cart to recognize the user and connect them to their account. After that, just place bags inside the cart and do your shopping as usual. Indeed, the Dash Cart automatically scans the products that are placed inside it thanks to sensors and cameras that use computer vision technology.

Note that for fresh products, such as fruits and vegetables for example, the user will have to manually enter a PLU code, but will not need to weigh their purchases, again, the Dash Cart takes care of it. Once the shopping is complete, the customer can then leave the store using the exit reserved for Dash Cart, and their races will be automatically billed to them on the payment method registered in their Amazon account.

Amazon dreams of cashless stores

Once the user has finished shopping, they can exit the store without going through the checkout. The invoice is sent directly by e-mail, as soon as Dash Cart is no longer used.

Amazon announces that its shopping cart will debut this year at its store in Woodland Hills, California (US). This is not the first time that Amazon has experimented with the ability to shop and pay without going through a checkout. The firm has opened several Amazon Go stores in recent years, allowing customers to shop with their smartphones.

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