Facebook improves its Messenger plugin to help businesses

In November 2017, Facebook first launched a chat plugin so that businesses can better use Messenger services on their websites. However, this plugin required website visitors to log into Facebook first. But now things have changed as Facebook provides a new Messenger chat plugin for corporate websites to attract non-Facebook visitors.

The first version of the plugin is more suited to small businesses that couldn’t afford a more robust live chat service. However, the requirement to log into Facebook severely limited their interactive capabilities.

Some visitors just want to submit their queries anonymously, fearing that the business will continue to bother them through the Messenger service in the future. The good news is that Facebook has announced that it has updated the plugin.

On the one hand, even if customers are not logged into Facebook, they can continue to talk to businesses through the “continue as guest” option. On the other hand, companies can continue to use the same tools to manage conversations with these customers online, whether they are online or not.

“As a developer it is much easier to convince a company to use a live chat offering that is available to all of their customers” noted Soma Toth, Fonder of Recart. “Our business customers are seeing sales directly tied to engagement on Messenger, and the Chat Plugin helps them leverage the same investment across both their Facebook page and their website at no additional cost. It also reduces the complexity of having to work with or support a fallback for users who are not logged into Facebook”.

Additionally, the updated Messenger chat plugin also introduces a new design, which Facebook said resulted in 45% more chat interactions between customers and businesses during its testing.

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