TikTok Economy and Global Trends

In Europe, short videos have not yet developed into an independent information industry, and most of them use social media platforms mainly from the United States to achieve production and sharing. Tik Tok, the international version of China’s short video social platform Douyin, has also developed rapidly in Europe in recent years. At the same time, short videos have also helped the social media platform’s video transformation in the European market and the rise of self-media.

On July 7, the first day BAC can check the results online, the President of the Republic Macron registered Tik TOK, a short video platform popular among young people, and released the first video to congratulate high school graduates.

The number of users of the international version of Tik Tok, the short video social platform Douyin, has grown rapidly, and the number of downloads has ranked first in Europe. Europe is one of Tik Tok’s main sources of income. Tik Tok is characterized by low entry barriers and high dispatching senses, and is very popular among young people. Tik Tok has effectively lowered the threshold of creation and gradually developed into a creative and user-friendly platform, providing creators with the opportunity to perform and find people with similar hobbies.

It is worth noting that Tik Tok has created a new group of Internet celebrities in the UK. In addition, as a short video aggregation platform, Tik Tok has a certain degree of professionalism. Short video greatly mobilizes the user’s senses through the comprehensive use of visual and auditory symbols, provides content products suitable for current mobile social scenes, and is easier to form fission-type communication, with certain communication advantages. Tik Tok has broad development prospects in Europe.

The short video industry is intertwined with other industries

Short video content involves all aspects of life such as beauty, food, clothing, medical care, tourism, etc. Many businesses see the dividends and make targeted short video content to highlight specific by colluding with short video bloggers or short video platforms The main body to promote products and increase sales to make profits.

There are many scenic spots in Europe. As tourist attractions, they have attracted the attention of many foreign tourists. On YouTube and Tik Tok platforms, many bloggers use short videos or vlogs to lead spectators to “exploring shops” from a first-person perspective. A number of online celebrity shops have been derived from this. There are too many hidden short video advertisements of this kind. As the influence of short videos in Europe increases, the expansion of content and the union with other industries have become an inevitable trend.



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