Zoox the new bet made by amazon for autonomous driving


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In June 2020, e-commerce giant Amazon announced that they have bought Zoox, the start-up specialising in autonomous driving, for an undisclosed amount estimated at 1.2 billion dollars.

Amazon has been working on autonomous driving for several years and this takeover could perhaps be explained by the fact that this company wants to eliminate all kinds of competition in this field.

Who is ZOOX?

Founded in 2014 Zoox is a start-up specialized in the world of robotics, computer science and artificial intelligence. In particular, it has developed the first fleet of autonomous vehicles and the first support ecosystem needed to bring this technology to market.

Operating at the intersection of design, computer science and electromechanical engineering, Zoox is a multidisciplinary team working on the idea and construction of an advanced mobility experience that will support the future needs of urban mobility.

What will it become?

Following its takeover by Amazon, the question that many are asking is: what will be the new course of action for the young start-up?

For the time being no one knows yet whether the start-up will pursue its original ambition which is creating an autonomous taxi fleet for on-demand travel in urban areas or rather to focus on developing automated logistics solutions for Amazon’s warehouses.

Zoox’s former directors, CEO Aicha Evans and CTO Jesse Levinson, will continue to run the start-up as a stand-alone company.

According to Evans, Amazon’s takeover of the startup strengthens the impact of the autonomous driving industry.

Also CTO adds: “Amazon’s support will greatly accelerate our path to providing safe, clean and enjoyable transportation around the world.”

What’s important to remember about this new acquisition?

Finally, the bottom line is that independent driving is a very crucial area for Amazon and it will do everything it can to live up to its own expectations.


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