A digital event for the 127th edition of the China’s import and export fair of commodities.

The pandemic crisis has disrupted the whole world’s economy abruptly impacting the international trade. Nevertheless, the Chinese government decided recently through his prime minister Li Keqiang to ensure the continuation of the event virtually.

The event that gather every year over 200 000 buyers coming from more than 200 countries took place on the month of June (15- 24). In that sense, the fair is one of the most important trade events of China regarding the import and export of several types of commodities including electronics, toys, personal care products, vehicles, machinery, office supplies and much more.

This is a huge opportunity for the Asian country in order to show its good will for an economic recovery and to reveal its power in terms of network and digital infrastructure.

For it, the organisers with the participation of the Chinese ministry of foreign affairs will provide a platform wherein visitors will have the opportunity to directly interact with the suppliers enabling appointment scheduling, business agreements and purchase order submitting. Moreover, using virtual and augmented technology such as virtual exhibitors and live streams the platform will facilitate the promotion of the products highlighting in that way the customer experience.

Despite the intention to keep it real the virtual trade fair remain far away from the concept. Actually, the essence of a fair trade remains the constitution of new business relationships and the customer retention. In this aspect the establishment of a virtual fair will not be able  to replace  the human interaction on the business domain .

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