Airbus and Koniku: Together toward a safer future

The Safety of the passengers either inside the airports or in the airplanes is a concern of all the authorities and governments around the world, especially with the multiple terrorist attacks that the world has witnessed lately.

Airbus, an important reference in the aerospace market that designs, produces and supplies industry-leading commercial aircrafts, has made a strategic choice. The company has decided, in association with the start up Koniku to combine their expertise in the aim of managing the security of airports and airplanes by implementing devices that could easily  detect through smell the presence of explosive charges.

According to the Airbus Product Security Director in the Americas Julien Touzeau , this new technology w’ll be really successful as it needs only ten seconds to detect explosive material. 

Indeed, the implementation of this highly developed technology which is able to efficiently identify anything present in the air, will change the way terrorism impacts the safety of the passengers in the aiports and airplanes . 

Airbus has confirmed being proud and confident about the use of this new technology that will be a “Game Changing” in the aerospace world. Furthermore, Airbus believes that this new technology will put an end to the unsafety that some passengers may feel inside the airports and airplanes. However, the main concerns related to this smell detector are the accuracy of the technology and the high maintenance cost required. 

Due to the unpreceded health crisis that the world is going through, Airbus and Koniku have decided to pool their expertise to develop a technology to stop the spread of the pandemic. Both companies are currently exploring the possibility of including “biological hazards” in their technology to detect persons infected by viruses such as Covid-19. Unfortunately, This technology could only be applicable when a vaccine will be applicable.

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