United States: Complaint against Google for having collected personal data in private browsing

Google is the most widely used web search engine in the world as it sees itself as one of the leaders in gathering  information for advertising purposes. most people today use private browsing to limit their traces on the digital world and to protect their personal data, so does google chrome private browsing really not saved any personal user data ?  and which are the complaints that have been filed against Google ?

According to an American law firm, Google Chrome does not sufficiently protect the personal data of its users, which is the subject of a complaint, before the federal court in San José, California, this complaint concerns the privacy of the users, to the discretion of personal users Data. It is not the first complaint that google receives but there was also L’Aizona which has already attempted a procedure against Google accusing it of having collected personal data without having any consent of the users.

When we use Google in private browsing mode, Google mentions that certain information will not be saved such as histories and data entered on forms, while cookies and site data will be deleted only when you exit private browsing mode. In addition, Google clearly states that some will remain visible to other providers such as :

  • Internet service providers.
  • the employer or private establishments

« Google knows who your friends are , what your hobbies are, what you eat, what movies you watch, when and where you enjoy shopping, what your favorite vacation destinations are, what yout favorite color is, and even things the most intimate and potentially embarrassing things you see on the internet- whether you follow Google’s recommendations for privacy or not… »

Google is like any other site it tries to collect the greatest amount of data from users, it is almost impossible today not to leave a trace or to prevent google to follow and know our personal information, our habits and our movements made on the web.

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