Honor’s latest mobile phone with thermometer

Nowadays, the idea of measuring temprature by using a mobile phone has eventually become a reality. Glory Play4 Pro is a temperature measurement solution, which can measure human body and object temperature.


Infrared temperature measurement, new experience

Honor mobile phones seem to have always designed products for the new markets. The addition of the function of temperature measurement is actually very consistent with the global environment in 2020. Their R&D team has specially designed the temperature measurement method of the mobile phone called Honor Play4 Pro, that is non-contact infrared temperature measurement and can greatly improve the safety.


Principles and methods of use

In principle, an infrared temperature sensor is added under the camera on the back of the fuselage, and this sensor can measure the temperature of the object by the received infrared energy. The phone itself does not emit infrared light, therefore it is safe to use.

The specific temperature measurement method of Honor Play4 Pro is to place the infrared temperature sensor within 1 to 3 cm from the person or object to be measured, and click the temperature measurement button on the phone.



The measured temperature is very accurate. In addition to being able to measure body temperature, this phone also has a commendable function, which means that it can also measure the temperature of objects, such as buying two cups of coffee, respectively hot and cold drinks, it can measure a fairly clear temperature difference.

Therefore, the infrared temperature measurement function of the Honor Play4 Pro is indeed very helpful in many scenarios and will make people like it very much.

Such novel and practical functions, especially during the ongoing global pandemic situation, can poke consumers’ pain points and make people willing to buy this product.

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