A connected mirror for skin diagnosis

The beauty market has been constantly evolving for ten years. It also benefits from technological developments such as connected objects, big data, artificial intelligence.

«Magic mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all ? » A mythical sentence that could become a reality with the emergence of connected mirrors. It would rather become «magic mirror on the wall, tell me how to make me more beautiful?».

These mirrors will be able to offer a multitude of products simply by analyzing our reflection.

So the customer is going to stand in front of the mirror. He will be photographed. The artificial intelligence algorithm will map different points of the face. He will then search his database for all facial points identical to those of the client. By comparing these points he will be able to make his skin diagnosis and make his recommendations by proposing products similar to those offered to the person in the database.

This diagnosis will be added to the database so that the algorithm can make machine learning that will be used for its next diagnoses.

This process is possible thanks to Big Data, which allows to store, analyze, process and value a large number of data.

The French pharmaceutical group Pierre Fabre has entered into a partnership with the Parisian start-up Careos specialized in improving health and appearance and the Finnish Revieve leader in the mobile market for skin diagnostics. Together they created «Le Lab» in Toulouse in 2020.

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