The value of data management for smart mobility

By 2050, almost 66% of the Earth’s inhabitants could live in urban or peri-urban areas (compared to 50% today), or 6.5 billion human beings. To deal with this ultra urbanization and this demographic explosion, transport management must be redesigned.

Indeed, smart urban mobility sector, one of the pillars of smart cities, is only at the start of its development today. By 2025, it should reach its spike in investment, 2030 for infrastructures development and services.

But what data management covers?

Data strategy enables processing huge volumes of it, to value and to exploit them. We thus speak of data management to designate these management operations. The main purpose for players is to ensure a coherent and efficient data life cycle thanks to a variety of available tools.

For what benefits?

  • From the use of public services to the user experience

Innovative data management solutions enable users to live a “mobility experience” up to what is offered by the digital giants (simplicity, flexible navigation and multiple services).

Also, the great diversity of the offers, made possible by the openness of data, leads to an opening up to competition and pushes players to innovate and propose ever more attractive solutions.

  • Smooth traffic flow

Large metropolises all face the same issue: congestion on transport routes, parking difficulties, long travel times and distances. However, improvements can be made by cross-referencing the data system or using sensors to provide real-time traffic information.

  • Enhancing safety

The ambition of smart cities to attract talent requires certain security measures. For example, the city of Pittsburg has equipped its traffic lights to identify and analyze drivers with risky behaviors. All this data is then imported into a distributed system to be analyzed by artificial intelligence


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