Pinterest: A new brand inventory management tool

  1. In order to facilitate purchases through its network and to position itself even more as a partner for brands during this Covid-19 period, Pinterest is launching a new tool.

In fact, on Tuesday, 7th April 2020, the American company announced a new tool allowing brands on the platform to manage their stock online. The tool directly connects certain functionalities to the available stocks of brands. Users can access stocks from the search engine, pins and tables. It is currently available in the United States and will soon be available in France.

At first in the search engine results, the shopping section appears which refers users to the available products. The user can sort the results according to price or brand thanks to the filters.
Then on the tables reserved for fashion or interior decoration appears a new Purchasing section. The products in stock extracted or inspired by pins present on the tables of the users are listed in this section. Pins allow Internet users to display not only the price but also the availability and updated description of a product on pins from the brand’s website.

The social network has launched style guides for interior decoration. It allows users who do broad research to access recommendations linked to current trends.
To help identify different products in a pin, the network has also improved visual search functionality. So the user can access similar products in stock by clicking on buy similar products.

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