The digital transformation solution to massive unemployment in Africa

Unemployment is a reality that Africa is facing as are other continents. Countries are looking for solutions and digital transformation seems to be a significant lead.

The problem of unemployment in Africa unfortunately concerns most of the countries of the continent. And the category of the population most affected is youth. All projections show that by 2050, Africa will account for more than a third of the world’s youth. Evoking massive unemployment on the continent is tantamount to approaching the theme from the point of view of youth since it is the one most concerned.

Countries are continually developing policies but the results are not up to expectations. Several factors may explain this including the inadequacy of training.

With technological development and innovation, many see digital as a promising sector. But the question facing African states is that of digital transformation. And in this marathon there are disparities between states.

However, with regard to the development of startups, there is reason to wonder if digital transformation is not the solution. To do this, you must first succeed in your transformation. Something that is still not possible even for some more advanced countries.

But there would be a reason to think that digital technology will certainly allow many countries on the continent to partially solve their unemployment problem. Politics must follow. Realities are different from state to state. Each country must be able to adapt its economic sector. The sector makes it possible to develop the various other sectors of the economy but it will be necessary to have policies which favor.

Digital with its share of continuous innovation undoubtedly promotes development. But the continent’s unemployment problem is a structural problem. A lot will have to be changed. Invest heavily in infrastructures and industry which will in turn favor other sectors.

Looking at the different policies of the states in recent years, one can think that the will is there. But having the will is one thing, having the weapons is another.

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