5 essential web marketing strategies to boost your website !

All website owners have asked themselves or still asking themselves these questions : “How to make my website known ?” ,” How to generate traffic to my website ? “

With the daily increase in the number of websites and blogs, the competition is growing and the rules are evolving accordingly.

You will find in this article the different techniques to achieve this goal !

The golden rule for addressing your future customers

Do you know the secret of Steve Jobs success ? Simon Sinek, speaker, reveals how to make a successful brand communication, through his concept of the golden circle. Contrary to the generally established practice, it proposes to present your offer or product, starting from the most abstract to the most concrete.

“People don’t buy WHAT you do, they buy WHY you do it.” Simon Sinek

How to attract your future customers ?

Any website or blog owner aims to have regular, quality traffic that is likely to contain future customers. So how do you generate a qualified audience ? Digital marketing has an arsenal of profitable tools that are easy to set up, in order to boost your traffic, convert your prospects into leads, but also retain them. Here is an overview of 5 essential levers, to effectively attract your customers :

1 / Natural referencing

Natural referencing, also known as SEO, is the cornerstone of any digital strategy. Whatever the medium used : site, blog or social network, a visitor will find you by a single and unique means, unless you advertise, that of Search. Concentrate therefore in prioritizing, your efforts on the optimization of your website !

2 / Paid referencing

To improve your turnover through your internet presence, you can also pay to attract traffic to your site. If you want your potential customers to find you easily on the internet, and thus improve your traffic, you can pay to be well referenced. Depending on the keywords on which you want to position yourself, paid SEO is a strategy that will require a more or less substantial budget. Ideal for generating traffic at the start of activity, this technique allows you to quickly get targeted visitors with precision.

3 / The content

The preferred web marketing lever, content goes hand in hand with SEO. Each article on a blog is a great gateway for visitors to your site and a powerful method to increase the volume of qualified traffic. Content with high added value creates a good user experience and is a great way to boost your conversions.

4 / Emailing

In addition to being a simple and relevant webmarketing tool, emailing and newsletter boost visits to your website while increasing the audience of your blog. Once your subscribers are registered, much of the work is already done. Indeed, you have managed to pique the curiosity of visitors, your target is therefore awaiting your new digital content. Therefore, you create a real link with your readers while gaining their loyalty.

5 / Social networks

To make yourself known and gain visibility, you must share the content of your site and / or your blog. And what could be better than doing it on social media ? With an engaging and qualitative  content, you will catch the attention of your audience who will be happy to share it. It allows you to promote your content, attract new customers, interact with your community, they are a real boost for your e-reputation.

If your site is at the heart of your business approach, you will probably increase the number of visitors who go there every day. And now, you just have to experiment with these solutions !




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