Coronavirus : the probation of teleworking and teleconsultation ?

We are entering a new era, in which digital will be present in every aspect. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, the French government has been advocating teleworking for businesses and teleconsultation for medical practitioners. These various measures are being encouraged in order to curb the spread of the virus. But will the infrastructure be up to the task?

Teleworking and teleconsultation have never been so popular, yet the workplaces are not adequate, due to internet connections issues and the lack of user training. Working remotely has become the new norm since COVID-19 outbreak. Thus, the respect of barrier gestures remains necessary to contain the pandemic. Keeping a distance of at least one meter between two people, washing hands regularly and, above all, staying at home. In these exceptional circumstances, restricting our movements’ freedom becomes the norm, as it leads to limiting gatherings in order to avoid the risk of contagion as much as possible.

It is with this goal that the government has encouraged companies to start teleworking when they are able to. Although this has the advantage of continuing to work and avoiding risks, it will not be able to replace the heat of offices and colleagues in addition, there has been a lot of disruption on the networks. In the same category, the government has announced that teleconsultations will benefit from a 100% reimbursement. The idea of this measure remains the same : to consult patients remotely preventing them from physically meet with the doctor.

In the education sector, teachers are now using digital platforms to give and dispense their lessons. The SchoolMouv platform of a Toulouse-based startup with more than 12,000 online contents for middle and high school students counts more than 2.5 million visits per month. However, teleworking presents risks as there is a large flow of personal data left on different digital platforms. In addition, companies remain the preferred target of hackers : during this period they will exchange a large amount of their data to continue their activity. Sensitive, strategic and vital data will circulate. It is therefore recommended to use VPNs, to have a well secured network and to protect the privacy of their collaborators in accordance with the GDPR.

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