Three things to integrate in your e-commerce strategy

Nowadays, the world of e-commerce continues to grow with new innovations and surprises to find out. There are a lot of changes that transformed the retail industry and involved all brand marketers to make more effort to spot trends that will boost sales and create a pleasurable online shopping experience.

«We see our customers as invited guests to a party, and we are the hosts. It’s our job every day to make every important aspect of the customer experience a little bit better » said Jef bezos, the founder of Amazon.

Sometimes, the problem in e-commerce is not a marketing plan, nature of the business, or products, but it could be the form, content of the website and the technologies used in purchasing process. For this reason, before launching an online commerce website, the person who will manage it should bear in his mind three things to succeed in its e-commerce strategy.

Moving to mobile commerce

The disruptive technologies brought a new trend of e-commerce that should be taken into consideration in brand’s marketing strategy. Indeed, the shopping mall or retail outlets as we know them today will be even more different 10 years from now, because there are more customers who move to mobile to carry out their online shopping. In this case, the customer is not only looking in the online store for the unavailable products in the physical store ones, but also, he needs to live a unique online shopping experience. The mobile culture is starting to be included in the future of e-commerce. So, we can talk about the success of online business through mobile commerce.

Personalization first

Personalization is considered as an important feature in online business, and every customer expects it during the purchasing process. This trend of marketing means the practice of improving shopping experience through treating every visitor in a special way like an exclusive customer and bringing them in an immersive customer experience with a dynamic content. In addition, it consists to offer a tailored experience to meet customer’s needs. It takes different forms such as customer’s behaviors, history orders and content of websites.

The online merchants should focus on navigational personalization to show the different content of website based on shopper’s activity. For example, the trader can choose how to present the website in terms of currency that the customer will buy with or the type of product which interests the visitors. Also, most sites use customer’s data like their preferences and history of their orders to customize the experience. For this reason, using the cookies can help websites to save everything the customer is looking for or the orders that he’s making over the internet.

The importance of Artificial intelligence

We can’t neglect the importance of IA in the coming year. We will have more connected objects that can serve in the best way the customer’s needs and his interests in the real time. One clear example is chatbot ! It’s considered like a virtual assistant who helps the online shopper’s overall shopping experience and suggests him the answers for all product’s information he wants to know. As well as, in terms of payment, the platforms will suggest the different payment gateways to buy products like Paypal or NFC (Near Field Communication) technologies.

In the future, I think that all brands will be in a dynamic market and they need to stay ahead of this evolution to offer the best customer experience. Moreover, with the moving to 5G, it will be a big revolution of e-commerce that increases the speed of internet and automatically the online platforms should get adapted to it in order to succeed.


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