Social networks and the luxury automotive sector

Luxury car brands are present essentially on four social networks : Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Each one is used in different ways :

– Facebook reaches a wide range of people. It provides access to other social networks.

– Twitter is appreciated for its instantanenous publication of short messages.

– Instagram is used especially to publish pictures and short videos. It is the most popular social network and widely use by luxury car brands. They mainly use it to share pictures thanks to hashtags. It gives them a high visibility.

– YouTube is especially useful for visual content. It allows brands to share videos of new vehicles.

Many brands publish a lot of content like pictures and videos to increase their visibility and enhance their reputation. Social networks are important in the communication and marketing strategy of luxury car brands. The purpose is also to attract young audience through social networks.
A recent study by the Caradisiac website, has published a ranking of the presence on digital networks of a few luxury car brands :

Number one in 2016 is Lamborghini, combining Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, and in total with 17 500 000 followers especially on Instagram. The second brand is Ferrari with 17 000 000 followers on social networks. The third is Aston Martin with 9 500 000 followers. Then there is Bugatti, Rolls Royce and Bentley.

Since, the number of followers keeps increasing on every social media for brands it is a good way to be part of the daily lives of their customers. Today people are more and more connected to the internet. Brands understand this and they want to expand their sales and their brand’s image.

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