European Open Science : A cloud to improve the data’s exchanges

The scientific community is called global, as it has no borders. However, not all of the researchs are published publicly. Open science is integrated into the notion of access. Science should be more global in order for politics to develop the sharing of scientist’s ideas between member states of the European Union (EU).

Europe tries to construct this network. In fact, one of its priorities is to create a unique solution such as a cloud, which stores information and improves data exchanges. Global science reveals a complex system, as we have two complementary aspects of global science-policy : the policies themselves, as well as the tools needed to implement them. Above all, an accessible bridge will be made by science to public.

The goal of the European Commission is “the open science aims at transforming science through digital tools and networks, to make research more open, global, collaborative, creative and closer to society”.

A European strategy for Open Science

To build a competitive data and knowledge of the economy in Europe, the European Commission has launched the “European Cloud Initiative.” As part of the digital single market in Europe, the European Cloud Initiative can improve competitiveness of accessibility to the databank. This project of a unique European cloud is funded by three things which provide :

  • Data infrastructure to keep and manage data
  • High-speed connectivity to transport data
  • Powerful high-performance infrastructure to treat data

Researchers can then work most efficiently with access to all information. Open Science is also defined by “the way research is carried out, disseminated, deployed and transformed by digital tools and networks”.

European Open Science Cloud

The European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) is a digital platform for the scientific community. EOSC aims to give the EU a global lead in research data management and can also improve the data’s exchanges in the scientific community. This is the combination of proper policy and tools, which are required for success. Global science is neither exclusively accessible through data tools (OpenAire), nor a way of being in international competition but also fields. The EU and its policies deserve to be available to its citizens in all member states without borders.


A propos de Marie ACKERMANN

Citoyenne du numérique, j'ai choisi de m'orienter pour mon Master 2 vers le Droit de l'économie numérique. Le monde du numérique est une grande source de curiosité d'autant plus que le droit actuel répond difficilement à ses évolutions constantes. Il m'est donc indispensable d'analyser l'actualité dans ce domaine pour en relever les différents enjeux.

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