Airbnb partnering with RXR Realty declares war on hotel business

For its upcoming entry in the stock market, Airbnb has strengthened its position in the rental sector by multiplying offers. Its activity will be expanded to the Appart’Hotels.

According to the Wall Street newspaper, Airbnb has partnered with a New York land developer RXR Realty, owner of a building locacted in the middle of Rockefeller Center, in order to offer a new experience to their business clients.

The two partners will soon convert a 10 floors building, initially planned for business offices, in 200 high standing Appart’Hotels including all equipped suites, bookable directly from Airbnb platform.

New services are provided:
• Meeting rooms
• Business district
• Connected concierge
• Restaurant, bar …

The Appart’Hotels will be available in Airbnb without trade name. This new accommodation concept will allow to combine the cozy comfort of a house and the advantages of a luxurious accommodation.

Faced with anger of a lot of hotels, many cities like Barcelona, New York, London, have decided to enact several laws in order to control and tighten regulations on the short-term rentals with financial sanctions from 1200 to 7500 dollars for the landlords who do not respect legislations.
These legislations are applicable to all temporary rentals.

For instance, the New York legislation forbids Airbnb to rent a complete accommodation for less than one month. In this case, the accommodation has to be in a private home.

For this reason, Airbnb would like to take up position in the hotel business with the Appart’hotels. This project is a way to get around the restrictive New York laws for property rentals. This new concept is a failure for the platform.

If the project remains limited to the prestigious Manhattan district, the leaders of the two entities are already thinking bigger. After the 75 Rockefeller Plaza, they are evoking the 47 hall street project in Brooklyn.



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