BERT the new Google algorithm

BERT is an acronym for Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers. It’s the new Google algorithm.

It has been used since October 2019 in the United States. Its artificial intelligence is based on automatic language processing which is considered to be the strongest and most efficient for 5 years.

The French version « CamemBERT » has been used since December 2019. It is considered as a small revolution because language models are usually based on English, but CamemBERT is able to perfectly understand French perfectly.

The algorithm will be able to perform a wide range of tasks :

  • Text translation
  • Text analysis
  • Classifying text and images in databases
  • Content Writing
  • Answering questions

It’s especially revolutionary for the search engine because it will be able to apprehend and respond to complex queries, often long and complex, according to their content. And since it applies to such requests it should not be used too often since they remain rare.

It’s also possible that it is used for the text’s comprehension of a web page. But on that point, Google is not going to give us any more information.

The changes made by BERT will mainly influence the work of the search engine marketing expert in the way he writes his content. He will have to write carefully complete sentences with a subject, a verb and a complement rather than snippets of sentences in dashes, fleas or even in paintings.

As always, but even more so here, the search engine marketing expert will have to give priority to quality content.

This new algorithm created by Google help continuously improve search engine results and user experience.

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Etudiante en Master 2 Commerce Electronique. Intéressée par le webmarketing dans sa globalité.

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