CES 2020 : innovations to remember

One month after The Consumer Electronics Show 2020, here is a look back at the major innovations that have been presented :

  • PS5 by Sony : the logo of the new PS5 has been unveiled at CES 2020. Now, all video game fans eagerly await the official presentation scheduled for February 5th.
  • Connected lock by Netatmo : Smart Door Lock and Keys works with NFC to instantly unlock your door. The unlocking can be used either by the key or by the application.
  • The wall luxury by Samsung : Samsung presented a MicroLed screen of 24,31 feet diagonal. The screen is built with several modular televisions to be able to make the dimensions of display evolve according to the needs of the user.
  • Column Garden by LG: LG has developed a fridge with a special compartment to create an indoor garden. It will be equipped with LEDs and automatic watering so that the plants grow well.

Unusual objects :

  • The box that keep cannabis safe by Keep Labs : a Canadian start-up has developed a box to preserve cannabis better. The box looks like a digital alarm clock, however, it has several compartments : scale, storage of equipment, accessories… The opening is done thanks to facial recognition. It is a condensed of technologies. However, the authorities forbade the company to mention the word “cannabis” in the presentation.
  • Connected Potato by BPZ Labs (Bac Plus Zero Labs) : a Frenchman made a joke at CES 2020, indeed he presented a connected potato : actually, it is only a potato with a Bluetooth antenna. The goal is to make consumers think about the relevance of connected objects.

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