New development of cross-border e-commerce: the launch of JD International

On 22 November 2019, JD Group has strategically upgraded its import business, it launched China’s first trusted platform for imported goods, known as “JD International“.

Imported goods are in need of an e-commerce platform

With the development of China’s economy, consumer demand for high-quality goods has continued to increase, imported goods have become an important supplement to meet this demand. In response to the strong consumer demand for imported goods, China has continuously introduced a number of policies, including tax reductions and opening up to the outside world, the degree of trade facilitation has increased significantly.

Many international brands urgently need to enter the Chinese market, e-commerce is an important bridge. E-commerce platforms provide foreign brands with an efficient and low-risk channel, their new products can enter the Chinese market on a small scale and frequently. Not only that, e-commerce has also brought a better consumer experience to consumers, making it easier, more secure, and more fun for consumers to buy imported goods.

JD Group launches platform for imported goods

As China’s first consumer platform that fully focuses on imported goods, JD International has strengthened its import business in a number of areas.

First, JD International guarantees the service quality, no matter the product is damaged or not delivered on time, the customer will be compensated accordingly, the customer can also return the product without reason within 7 days.

Secondly, JD International will cooperate with more international brands to build a “green channel”. In addition, JD International also builds a “national flagship store” to introduce unique and differentiated products from various countries.

Finally, the launch of JD International coincides with the International Shopping Festival “Black Friday”, in order to stimulate the enthusiasm of Chinese consumers, JD International has given over 10 billion yuan in subsidies.

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