What evolution for e-commerce ?

Today, e-commerce is everywhere in our life. We can buy and sell everything thanks to the internet on our phone or the computer. Many companies, like Amazon or Wish, are present on this market. These companies have no physical shop but only a website.

At the beginning, all commercial transactions were done face to face in a shop or a market. Nowadays, with the development of e-commerce, a lot of landbased points of sales have been closed causing a rise in unemployment and a massive dematerialization of commercial processes.

Amazon is a market leader with a turnover of 238 887 million dollars in 2018 and a stock market valuation of more than 500 billion dollars. It’s one of four American companies which are known as the “GAFAM”: Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft. It’s the biggest company in the world today. Another group is known as “NATU”, meaning Netflix, Airbnb, Tesla and Uber. These are some companies that are involved in online commerce, heavy investment and especially innovation. Along with these American companies, it is worth mentioning the “BATX” which brings together Chinese companies : Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent and Xiaomi. BATX combines companies in the field of technology, software, innovation and e-commerce of the East.
Xiaomi is currently the competitor of Apple. In the same way, Amazon competes with Alibaba. As for Google and Facebook, they generate their income mainly of advertisement while chinese giants of e-commerce have diverse sources of income thanks to variety of activites.

In the future, new generations will be increasingly involved in e-commerce  Young people are more and more connected and have an ease that  older people don’t have and don’t understand. Today children are born and grow up with these technologies. For them, E-commerce is the only way to buy something and to have it received quickly at a low price. However, many adults have joined this new way of commerce. Social networks broadcast a wide variety of advertising to encourage consumers to buy products and services.

However, we must not forget that personal data are kept by almost all companies in data centres. It would be better for us not to share too much of our life.

Also, with artificial intelligence, all our objects are connected to each other or are independent. For example, the autonomous car that will appear on the market in a few years, will bring with itself a new era in the field of IoT (internet of things). Robots are already present in industry to optimize production and automization of line production and the supply chain.


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