Social selling: these trends that are found from B2B to B2C

In the world of marketing, there was often a tendency to distinguish the more demanding B2B approach from the more direct B2C strategy. The digitalization of our economies tends to erase these differences and the B2B is seduced by the secrets of the success of B2C!

The B2B and B2C channels have similarities in the influence of social networks in the shopping round. Social selling is not just the creation of profiles on social networks by your marketing and sales teams. Social selling is a process of research, selection, listening and interaction with potential prospects via social networks. It can detect, accelerate and/or develop business.

A new concept of sales on social networks

Social Selling is a relatively new concept, developed since 2013 in France. We can nevertheless go back further with regard to the mechanics. First of all, companies in the B2B service were interested in this new kind of digital sales. It is the case with business lawyers, insurers, computer service companies or software sales companies. Companies that have been precursors on the subject of Social Selling are Postal Bank, Business Solutions, After Sell Services, Sales Forces, Allianz. Other structures such as industry companies, branch networks, outlets and B2C home sellers… followed.

How integrate social selling into habits?

Social selling is not a one shot campaign but a daily and medium/long term process. Here are some actions your sales people can conduct regularly :

  • Sign in to new LinkedIn profiles / add Twitter accounts;
  • Look for potential customers via Linkedin groups;
  • Comment on content, like content, retweet, congratulate to create an interaction with relevant social partners (potential buyers or influencers);
  • Respond to messages and solicitations.

The arrival of Artificial Intelligence will surely make a difference in the years to come. For example by automating our tasks in a predictive way, by producing analyzes.

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Titulaire d’un Master en Administration Economique et Sociale, actuellement étudiante en master 2 E-commerce.

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