Webcast Promotions: New Directions for E-commerce Marketing Models

During the “Double Eleven” shopping festival in China, more than 100,000 merchants on Taobao gave live webcasts, of which more than 10 live webcast rooms sold more than 100 million yuan.

combination of webcast and e-commerce

In 2008, the number of online shopping users in China gradually approached to100 million. In order to further promote the development of Taobao, Alibaba created a consumer festival similar to “Black Friday”, named “Double Eleven”, but with the decline in consumer shopping enthusiasm, the simple e-commerce model is no longer applicable. At this time, merchants began to use webcast as a promotional method, webcast is no longer a way for people to entertain, but is closely integrated with business.

During the “Double Eleven” in 2019, more than 50% of the merchants participating in the shopping festival achieved growth through webcast. Webcast has become a new growth point, and the turnover of webcast on Taobao is nearly 20 billion yuan.

Advantages of webcast in e-commerce

As an emerging e-commerce marketing model, webcast improves the user’s consumption experience, allowing them to quickly and comprehensively understand the product, and the webcast has real-time nature, which can dispel users’ concerns about the authenticity of the product display.

In addition, Internet celebrities and sellers also gained higher attention through webcasts. Many Internet celebrities already have a large number of followers, the products which they recommend can gain more trust from users, and they try the products during the live broadcast process, which makes users feel that they are spending in physical stores, and their passion for buying is stimulated.

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