Google’s bet on health

By the “Project Nightingale”, Google has secretly collected a lot of personal health information. It is a controversial revelation because Google is going to be in a dominant position in the health sector. A few points to explain Google’s strategy.

Google’s health scare

In fact, Google collected health data of millions of Americans across 21 states. This collection includes lab results, diagnoses, birth dates and more. Furthermore, neither doctors nor patients have apparently been notified! This project seems legal and involved Ascension, a leading nonprofit health system.

Google clearly attacks health market 

Google’s goal is to significantly extend the lifetime. That’s why a large part of Google’s performance is based on health’s services. 

  • Hardware hunt by buying Fitbit

Google bought Fitbit, the maker of fitness-tracking devices, in the amount of $2.1 billion. With this transaction, Google can collect private health information about its users. The search engine company could treat sensitive information from users through the device.

Consumer reports health privacy expert, Dena Mendelsohn, worries about ethic data management :

All that data that Fitbit collected over the years that users may or may not have been aware was being collected about them now is going over to Google.

  • Cloud Healthcare API

This system is a new API developed by Google. This API aims to aggregate different health data by medical personals and analyze them for machine learning. This API connects data to advanced Google Cloud capabilities, including streaming data processing. These data come from laboratories, medical registration, and imaging.

  • Medical imaging 

Google suggests a hybrid approach to artificial intelligence (AI) transfer learning for medical imaging. Google’s company with their data scientists have devoted outsize time and attention developing AI imaging models for use in health care systems. Google scientists investigate the role transfer learning plays in developing image classification algorithms.

At last, this internet company had really bets on health but its position statement is also controversial. Google isn’t alone in its move into the healthcare’s sector with also Amazon and Apple. For a good reason: It is a huge opportunity with over $7 billion in health spending per year!

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