Using artificial intelligence to detect epileptic seizures

It is a revolution in the world of health; an artificial intelligence has been developed to uncover epileptic seizures up to 1 hour before the outbreak of the disease.

Artificial intelligence is gradually devised to uncover ever more illnesses. Artificial intelligence enables us to act in a faster and more desirable way. Early in November, Hisham Daoud and Magdy Bayoumi, two researchers from the University of Louisiana have conceived an artificial intelligence being able to detect the kickoff of an epileptic seizure.

One gigantic advancement for epileptics

This new artificial intelligence uses two components from deep learning in his algorithm: he can analyze patient’s cerebral and electric activities. As a matter of fact, prior to the occurrence of any epileptic seizure, the electric activity intensifies sharply.

What about the precision?

The epileptic seizure is detected with an 99.6% accuracy and up to 1 hour before its beginning. It is the key to success, since patient can cope with the disease by taking medications as soon as it is revealed. Indeed, epileptic seizure is not a critical sickness, around 50 million people suffer from it. 70% of patients are able to control their epileptic seizure thanks to medicines, therefore artificial intelligence can benefit plenty of people.

In earlier times, a bracelet was used to be worn to identify epileptic seizure, nevertheless its precision turned out to be less effective than artificial intelligence one, since it accounted for solely 85% accuracy. Thus, the usage of artificial intelligence into the health sector is a significant step towards patients suffering from the sickness.

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