5G connected wheels : autonomous vehicles are not tired of innovations !

As the autonomous car’s technology isn’t still finalized and our roads aren’t nearly ready to receive them, an Italian manufacturer Pirelli conceives the first 5G connected wheels.

On November 15th in Turin (Italy), during the event “The 5G Path of Vehicle-Everything Communication”, Pirelli presented its new product: a smart wheel called “Cyber Tyre”.

Compared to other connected tires that were already designed by manufacturers such as Goodyear or Michelin, Pirelli’s wheels are fully connected to the 5G network. These new tires are equipped with an internal sensor which collects a lot of driving conditions information and sends them to the vehicle and the roadway infrastructures.


For instance, if there is an aquaplaning risk, the tire would detect it and inform the car. Then, the car would take this information into account and adapt itself to this environment. On the top of Lingotto’s building, Pirelli also showed, during a demonstration in attendance of Ericsson, Audi, Tim, Italdesign and KTH, how tires send these information to other cars.

The system is very interesting to secure driving and maintain tire condition. Nevertheless, the final purpose of this innovation is different. First of all, Cyber Tyre is in line with the Pirelli’s strategy called “Perfect Fit” which consists in developing custom-made products. In fact, this ambition is explained by the fact that we are living in the era of personalization and anti mass consumption.

Moreover, with these smart wheels, Pirelli wants to enter in the autonomous cars’ market and be part of the implementation of Smart cities – future cities where every item is connected to another in a continuous exchange of information.

However, this new technology raises new questions about cybersecurity. In a context of economic war between China and the United States, many revelations lead us to believe that the 5G offered by Huawei contains many security vulnerabilities.

But what if tires would be hacked by the network ? 

Today we have no answer to this question.


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