Alexa enters the world of health

Amazon has signed a partnership with Omnicell, an American pharmaceutical company. Amazon’s Alexa can now remind you to take your medication and refill your prescription.

The first features announced are as follows: with a voice assistant running under Alexa, it will be possible to set automatic reminders about taking your medication, as well as to renew prescriptions and treatments directly from your home.

Giant Eagle is an American supermarket chain that sells mainly food, fuel and medicines through its 200 stores in the United States. For Alexa to offer effective patient treatment monitoring, they must first and foremost link their Giant Eagle Pharmacy account to Amazon’s voice assistant. Users must then create a special password. Alexa will only disclose your medical information by listening to your voice and the correct password.

All this shows Amazon’s interest in the health sector and is a concern because of data confidentiality. This is especially true since Alexa can capture information as confidential as users’ medical information. It is interesting to note that in France, where the pharmaceutical industry is strictly regulated, this function is prohibited. Since January 2, 2013, only a few pharmacists on a list managed by the National Order of Pharmacists aare authorized to sell drugs online.

Amazon continues its breakthrough in the health sector:Alexa and the health sector are still only on the first day” says Rachel Jiang, head of the health and well-being team at Amazon. At the end of October 2019, the American giant acquired the start-up Health Navigator, which specializes in telemedicine. This service should be linked to Amazon Care, a virtual clinic for Seattle employees unveiled in September 2019.

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