VatiVision, the new Vatican’s streaming service.

The Papacy is going  to open a new streaming service similar to Netflix. This platform will be put online in the spring of 2020 and will contain only Catholic videos.


The Italian media speaks about the “ Catholic Netflix ”. The spiritual headquarters of the Catholic faith will have a video platform dedicated to the Catholic religion. With this new device, the “ god message ” will be heard around the world.



The Catholic faith, a massive digital market.

The Papacy has taken into consideration the new digital opportunities. The Catholic religion represents over 1.3 billion people around the world. An increasing number of these people have an internet access. For example, the Pope François has over 6 million of followers on Instagram.


A collaborative implementation of the device

This project of a streaming service will be carried out with the contribution of two Italian enterprises. The ” Officina della Comunicazione ” is a production company that has participated in the creation of many movies and documentaries. The partnership will be with ” Vetrya “, a firm specialized in digital services. Officina della Comunicazione will hold 75% of VatiVision.

Nicola Salvi, a representative of Officina della Comunicazione claims that religious video productions are often badly distributed. VatiVision will make it possible to exploit this neglected sector.


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