Connected devices, an easy target for hackers according to kaspersky

Kaspersky has published on October 15th 2019 an alarming report regarding the amount of cyber attacks related to connected devices (connected watches, cameras etc.)

Connected devices became part of our daily lifes and a target for cyber attacks.

In its report titled, «IoT: a malware story», the editor of anti-virus gives an overview of the evolution of the number of computer hackers. Attacks increased from 12 to 105 millions between 2018 and 2019.

In order to draw the attention of computer hackers, Kaspersky has used the «honeypots» technique, a program that imitated the connected devices signatures to trap the hackers. The goal is to track the hackers without they notice.

During this experience, Kaspersky has found out that 20.000 sessions have been infected every 15 minutes. These attacks came from 276.000 different IP addresses.

50% of the attacks were coming from China, Egypt and Russia.

Dan Demeter, researcher in security has mentioned in his report that :

« the Internet of Things eases the attacks for hackers who use primitif methods.»

Regardless the set up of a preventif system, most of the computer attacks are due to the lack of vigilance of the users.

Some advices:

  • Change the password defined by default
  • Launch updates regularly
  • Limit the connexion to a local network using a VPN «Virtual Private Network»
  • Restart your device in case of an unusual behavior.

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