The evolution of robotic research in the USA: a new idea to make a traffic stop more secure

In the USA, the Artificial Intelligence could be implanted in the police control service. The traffic stops for controlling drivers is becoming increasingly dangerous. On June 2019, SRI International built a prototype that replaces the physical presence of the police officer with a Robotic police during a road check. The project named: “GoBetween Robotics”.

Every year, the number of interactions increases between cop and driver. Most motorists have a physical force use on them, and many police officers are assaulted or even killed.  From there, the interest of setting up this creativeness aims to protect from the deadly confrontations between both parties.

The Artificial Intelligence will bring a relevant solution to develop societies. The contact between drivers and the officer can remain civil, and it will be more secure with this technology. It isn’t science-fiction, but innovation through artificial intelligence.

Rueben Brewer, a senior robotics research engineer at SRI and the builder of this prototype said: « People are more dangerous when they’re scared, so the goal is to remove the possibility of being physically hurt so that they’re less scared and less dangerous ».

Certainly, the Robot may have to face some aggressive drivers who will shoot it, or just, go away without any confrontation. However, to remain optimist, the experience of “Robot police” will for sure reduces the dangerous tensions in this tragic phenomena and involves the motorists to be more civilized. In this case, it’s better to put the robot into risk instead of humans.

Artificial Intelligence isn’t intended to replace the officer function, but to support it. The combination of human and machine makes things more simple, accurate and safe.

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