Disney and the Activision Blizzard’s temptation

The american animation company Disney is hungry, and its eyes could lay on the famous gaming Activitision Blizzard. Is the redeem of the father of world of warcraft a golden ticket for Disney ?

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Nick Licouris, advisor in the consulting firm Gerber Kawasaki thinks it is a good time to buy Blizzard for Disney. Indeed the price of the share is 55 US dollars, which is far from the historical 80 USD. And it’s look like the star could be aligned on this. Gerber Kawasaki owns 90 000 shares and Disney is in the top 3 holdings with 152 000 share valued around $22 million.

Disney is also the TV broadcaster of the Overwatch League, the professional competitive championship of the Blizzard’s game Overwatch, with a multi-year deal.

The rock in the shoe

Even if the deal could be tempting, Disney have a failure story in the video game sector. They have acquired both Playdom and Club Penguin, and those attempts weren’t economically profitable for Disney. Since then, they only exist in video game by selling license for their copyright content.

The CEO of Disney, Bob Iger, also say “We’ve just decided that the best place for us to be in that space is licensing and not publishing”. For now, its seems like things aren’t gonna move on the side of Disney, but with a $37 billion market value, Blizzard Activision could be a target for others.

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Apple : The price of a foot in the gaming ?

Apple, these last months, try to engage itself in video games with Apple Arcade, a subscription gaming service with 100 original title programmed to go out in Autumn 2019.
Blizzard Activision is also the owners since 2016 of King, on of the biggest mobile game editor (Candy Crush). This last point could be the clutch information that could leave mouth-watering the tech company, and put them in a really serious position to talk about gaming.

Google with Stadia, Apple with Apple Arcade, Amazon with Twitch, Microsoft with the Xbox and Game Studio, and even Facebook with mobile game and game broadcast, all GAFAM have laid their hand on video game somehow or other. Is Disney next ?


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