Why Spotify’s developer access is a benefit for mobile application market


Nowadays, Spotify is the major actor in the streaming market. Since many years, the company shared to developers its technological expertise. Called API, this sharing platform represent a strong benefit for independent application developers who want insert some music options in their device.

Let’s see how it sounds like.


Several crucial technologies

First and foremost, Spotify promotes its Audio Features & Analysis. They say that developers are able to read and calculate audio features of tracks to learn about a danceability, energy, valence and more. For more advanced use cases, it is possible to read in-depth analysis data about tracks such as the segments, tatums bars, beats, pitches and more.

A second device called “Recommendation” is available for developers. With this, they could generate very specific recommendations based on Spotify’s powerful and industry leading algorithms. Thus, specific controls such as markets, seeds and popularity are in free access.

The device “Playback” could bring music from Spotify to the application. This device offer multiple solutions depending on the needs from developers. With this one, they could connect Spotify’s playlist in an application. For instance, the application “Runkeeper” connects users’ Spotify playlists in their interface. Music is one of the top things that keeps a runner motivated on a run. On their start-screen, they have access to their Spotify player and play their favourite music while they are running.


Several benefits

Those benefits afford a windfall for Spotify and developers. For Spotify, it is the opportunity to sell their product directly within other applications or mobile devices. Indeed, it is an intelligent way to communicate on Spotify’s strengths on the technological field. Furthermore, it curtails competition with others streaming platform which do not share their technology just as well as Spotify.

It is also a benefit for developer who could promote their application with a strong musical option based on a partnership with the streaming leader in the music area.

Thus, this approach presented by Spotify brings some transparency on the algorithm and participates to sensitize people to algorithm in an open language.


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