PSLY : The new application which rate DJ

A new application could give the opportunity to nightclub customers to choose their favorite music.

Developed in Canada and tested for the first time in a night-club of Toronto in July, let’s see if the beat goes on.


A way to take the control

The application gives the opportunity to consumers to choose their music in clubs.

Available on the Apple Store, it offers the power to choose a track each consumer music library.

Thus, the suggestion which receives a better rate than the others will be played by the DJ.


DJ in danger?

This new device could create a strong competition for DJs who are true artists. Indeed, they bring a real gain to musical events in night clubs or wedding for example. Their performance are recognize by civil society as the “Sacem” in France which gives them royalties.

This kind of new application could create an economic insecurity for some artists who could be preferred by this new application and this new way to consume music.

Furthermore, the application wants to converts several types of music consumers. The communication reveals that PSLY is looking for wedding clients and underground clients (people who listen to electro dance music in special clubs)


People are taking back the control

This danger could easily be curtail by people themselves who are aware of the benefits of the DJ’s performances. Indeed, a big part of the population wants to see a DJ for their own composition or their music taste and music orientation, not to tell on him which track they want to hear.

Thus, this art sensibility symbolizes a strong tolerance towards this “progress”

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